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10 Most Recommended HR Services Providers - 2018

The workload that HRs carry forth is often time consuming and manually committing to each sometimes becomes resource consuming. Employee development, internal communications and strategic recruitment are crucial issues faced by the HRs of different business enterprises. Coordinating these crucial tasks is a responsibility that the HRs conforms to, man-power sometimes falls short leaving them stressed and over-burdened. The growth of technology and digital space has also brought about development in HR technology solutions with technological innovations like Cloud and Big Data.

HR technology has been changing the way HR personnel manage all that they do for years and there is no sign of slowing down. Recruiting, scheduling, employee training, payrolls, and many other HR functions are being transformed by ground-breaking innovative software platforms and vendors. Ever since the goodness of technology has been infused with the working of HR systems, the work that HRs earlier manually slogged through is now completed without much hassle.

The efficiency of HR technologies and services has triggered the growth of HR Tech Solutions Company, these companies guide different enterprises regardless of the size with solutions that reduce the pressure on HRs. Looking at the pace at which technological development takes place today it is sometimes difficult for enterprises to adapt themselves to every change. Thus, these different HR technology solutions and services company help them adopt the latest innovation like Electrical data storage, Applicant Tracking System alongside guiding them to implement every development with perfection.

Our current edition thus brings to you “10 Most Recommended HR Services Providers - 2018”. The proposed list aims to help organizations to choose their felicitous solution providers, who suit their specific requirements and help them to fulfill HR goals and missions by providing best technology and service for a better workforce.

Top HR and Staffing Companies

Offers identity verifications, criminal records research, employment and education verifications, drug screening, workforce training and much more, helping organizations save time and expense and reduce employee risk


Provides custom-engineered, innovative HR solutions that effectively tap the potential of employees


The firm creates sustainable talent programs that combine best practices, utilize innovative technology, and leverage relationships to develop talent initiatives


Specializes in services of talent acquisition, project recruiting and provides recruitment strategy, consulting, and technology resources for recruitment processes


Helping employers streamline payroll and HR processes with the latest cloud-based human capital management technology


Helping businesses achieve compliance and accuracy in the pre-employment screening process




The software provider is powering the strategic evolution of HR in small and medium business with their cloud-based system

CATS Software

CATS Software

The CATS Applicant Tracking System is the fastest growing and most widely used system for HR and agency recruiters



Talent Acquisition Suite consists of Lever Hire, which combines applicant tracking system and CRM functionality in a single platform to power hiring across the entire organization



A total workforce HCM technology company, redefines talent management with an innovative Talent Engagement Cloud

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