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USA Staffing Services: Your Back Office Partner

Back Office support has been the backbone of the enterprise world for decades now and the services rendered therein have been invaluable to organizations worldwide. In 2006 Mathew Kolinski, a management professional and entrepreneur seeking opportune businesses to invest in realized that about 25-30 hours of his week was being consumed by back office management while managing 4-5 vendors. Realizing the demand in the various industries for back office services, Kolinski started a staffing based firm in Chicago the same year. After his initial business venture became a success, Kolinski decided to take the resources and business expertise he had gained through its course, to the next level. Thus USA Staffing Services was born with the core motive of helping other small and mid-sized staffing firms with their back office operations.

USA Staffing has a business model which clearly relays the company’s position as the “back office” partner with the client as the “Front office partner”

Founded in 2010, USA Staffing Services in the past five years has been able to aid over 45 start-ups and several small and medium sized organizations in improving their back office efficiency and business database. “When a staffing firm focuses all of its time and energy in sales and filling orders, they are able to double or triple their revenue year after year,” says Kolinski who currently serves as the CEO of the company. Starting in January 1, 2016, USA Staffing Services will be playing a huge role in helping clients meet the Affordable Care Act(ACA) requirements which impact the clients both financially and through the regulations by offering an ACA compliant health insurance plan to all employees.USA Staffing alleviates this concern for their clients by taking on the responsibility of their employer record and moulding them in accordance with the ACA guidelines with which the company’s internal staff is working on a daily basis.
Over the years USA Staffing has also made available an impressive list of solutions that the clients can choose from. The authorized dealer program is the first on the list which enables the company to offer full service solutions where clients are provided with payroll funding, payroll processing, invoicing of end-user clients, collection of payments, workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance among others. But the highlight of this solution is the company’s ability to provide staffing firms with
Matthew Kolinski, CEO
increased profits. The company’s Workforce Solution is a unique offering that was designed to help organize the payroll of companies that have enough funding source to pay on a weekly basis. USA Staffing’s Payroll services aid companies in processing the payrolls under their own FEIN. “This service is truly a payroll relationship, however given our experience we add value as a partner and our entire operation is centered around being a back-office partner for staffing firms,” says Kolinski.
USA Staffing has a business model which clearly relays the company’s position as the “back office” partner with the client as the “Front office partner.” This aids to a great extent while providing answers and solutions to the end user clients, who will be host to the “divide and conquer” model from both the front and back offices, ensuring a smooth and efficient resolve. Over the years, the organization has been constantly updating its technological infrastructure to adapt with the changing times. Their partnership with IT firms Haley Marketing and Avionte Software solutions plays a crucial role in achieving this end. Being inclined towards becoming the ultimate back office partner, USA Staffing seeks to maximize the effectiveness of the services under its offering and thereby become an impact player in this ever growing market.

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