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Harmony Healthcare: Shaping the Revenue Cycle in Modern Healthcare

Healthcare is a field where professionals are constantly bound by the rule of ‘no room for error’. Such constraints and demand for professional proficiency dictates a need for infrastructure and resources that meet the basic requirements of the healthcare institutions that apply the services of such professionals. The back end support rendered to the healthcare sector in this respect also faces a need for perfection due to the amount of change it can make to all the processes carried out within. Consulting services such as Healthcare revenue cycle outsourcing and staffing services make life considerably easier for the Healthcare professionals who are always in a race against time. Harmony Healthcare is one such purveyor of these consulting services. In a country where hospitals and healthcare service centres are burdened by government mandates that are often overwhelming, Harmony Healthcare prides itself as the capable conveyor of the equalizer that sorts all the woes that these centres face. Integrity, character, hard work and discipline, the four cornerstones around which Harmony Healthcare was built, are truly epitomized by the company’s work over the past five years.

Through the course of its inception, Harmony Healthcare came across the obstacle of balancing a commoditized approach to the process of the business and a humanistic approach to leadership, which was plaguing the entire industry at the time

Founded in 2010, this Tampa, FL based medical back end services provider has carved a niche for itself in the US healthcare market, providing Revenue Cycle and Health Information Management Outsourcing and Staffingservices which enable organizations to optimize and boost their efficiency as well as revenue potential. Through the course of its inception, Harmony Healthcare came across the obstacle of balancing a commoditized approach to the process of the business and a humanistic approach to leadership, which was plaguing the entire industry at the time. “We overcame this hurdle through a proven process of internal development and progressions helping the sales and consulting staff work their short term, near term, and long term goals while simultaneously creating a balance and career security not experienced in other organizations, allowing the staff to care more while growing their practice” says Christopher Brown, CEO, Harmony Healthcare.
Christopher Brown, CEO
Over the years, the organization’s motto, which is largely reliant on moral values, has helped healthcare organizations across the countrymitigate the challenges posed by unfunded mandates, lack of personal commitment, and technology which have taken the practitioners away from the human element involved in the healthcare process. This has created an environment that has the ill and injured feeling less and less “human” while the practitioner continues to be frustrated by the technological and physical disconnect from their patient.
Harmony Healthcare distinguishes itself from its peers in the industry through the methodology it follows while delivering services. It’s vetting process and the amount of experience in the healthcare staffing and outsourcing arena enables the company to deliver the best market pay with 100 percent pay benefits which attracts experienced professionals to join the organization it partners with. Harmony’s stance in the industry also enables the company to leverage resources from a referral network that has been established over the years. This enables it to bring in the best professionals in the industry without running any ads or buying any lists. Harmony Healthcare currently caters to a multitude of US markets including the United States military bases and veterans hospitals through its GSA. The company’s service offerings include outsourcing and staffing support for the entire revenue cycle, accounting and finance, HIM, and CBO / PFS among others.
Having come a long way in the US market, the company now seeks to grow organically or through acquisition while also improving their client satisfaction rating which is currently 97 percent according to Dun & Bradstreet’s blind client survey. It also seeks to be the industry leader in revenue, margin, employee benefits and support.
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Christopher Brown, CEO

A company that offers full-service Revenue Cycle Leadership and Health Information Management Professionals Staffing and Services

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