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CyberThink: Leveraging Industry Experience to Provide Exemplary HR services

President, Ravinder S. Thind,CyberThink-IncRavinder S. Thind, President
Way back in 1979, a young and dynamic engineer, Ravinder S. Thind, after having graduated from Thames Polytechnic, London, embarked on a journey to build his career as a software engineer with Hoskyns Group. Over the years, he continued his career journey, moving on to other well-known organizations such as Transax Systems, Citicorp, Bankers Trust, and AT&T as an Information Technology Executive and Consultant. After working for 17 years in a plethora of industries such as finance, warehousing, logistics and manufacturing, he founded cyberThink, a provider of full range of staffing services.
The pace of innovation in technology and its excessive usage in almost every field has created a huge demand for IT professionals. This changing scenario came as a big opportunity for cyberThink. “cyberThink was primarily focused on managing Information Technology projects. However, considering the difficulties in attracting and retaining qualified resources, we saw a big opportunity there, and moved on to the recruitment and talent sourcing industry,” recalls Ravinder, President and CEO cyberThink. Today the company is focused on providing HR services to IT organizations. With a strong background in Information Technology, the founders of cyberThink are well aware of the need to customize solutions to meet a customer’s business requirements.
Based in Bridgewater, NJ, the company specializes in providing staffing solutions through contract and temporary hire, right-to-hire and full-time employment services. It partners with large MSP/RPO by taking care of their staffing needs within the stipulated timeframe and conducts timely reviews for
its workforce to ensure that the SLAs are met. In addition to benefits such as training, company library, technology partnerships, vendor discount programs, revenue sharing bonus plan, 401(k) plan and paid time off, the organization also provides a large pool of highly skilled immigrant labor which sets them apart from their competitors. Ravinder explains, “We connect with many employees via referrals, and maintain a high level of trust. Our distinctive client base and our ability to provide them with sought after opportunities. This helps us retain the best talent in the industry.”
Developing its own HRIS, CRM and MIS systems for one of its esteemed clients is an exemplification of its propriety in the industry. cyberThink has over 300 employees, which include sales, recruitment, support personnel and software engineers on client assignments. Besides, the company has 60 employees across three offices in India. The organization exclusively assigns an Account Manager at each of its clients’ locations. These Account Managers usually have years of experience in the staffing industry and are flexible enough to adapt to the changing working environments. Their consultative and top down approach towards understanding the clients’ end-to-end process, cultural fit and long term goals helps them align with the clients’ work demand.

The pace of innovation in technology and its excessive usage in almost every field has created a huge demand for IT professionals

cyberThink strongly believes in customer satisfaction and transparency in the process. The organization has worked with several Fortune 500 companies, from diverse sectors such as pharmaceuticals, hospitality, international banking, retail- jewelry and high end fashion, manufacturing & engineering, and international outsourcing companies. The organization has also worked with several small to midsize companies. In the past five years, this staffing firm has grown at a tremendous rate of 21 percent annually. The dynamic company now aims to add 500 employees and achieve a revenue target of $50 million in the years to come.
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Ravinder S. Thind, President

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