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BravoTECH: Harmonizing the Recruitment Industry

The availability of skilled IT professionals who are well versed with the latest technologies is an industry wide concern. Those with the necessary skills gravitate towards organizations that develop cutting edge technology products. Due to this severe talent shortage, most of the staffing firms without thoroughly understanding their client’s requirements inundate them with unqualified candidates, which later prove costly. Andrew, President, BravoTECH, explains the difference in the company’s approach, “Speed, accuracy and professionalism have determined our success in placing highly skilled talent.”
The success of the IT staffing company BravoTECH is a testimony to Valerie Freeman and Andrew Jackson’s remarkable professional carriers. Valerie Freeman’s experience in successfully leading two technology staffing businesses—Imprimis Group and FreemanLeonard, and Andrew Jackson’s experience of building the first IT staffing division at national engineering staffing company is the reason why BravoTECH emerged as the fastest growing IT staffing Company. Based in Dallas, Texas and founded in 1994, the company has been making strident progress in sourcing top talents for its clients and in figuring out the right opportunities for its candidates.
Recruiting IT professionals for various verticals such as software development, mobile applications, security, systems administration, project management and technical support is the company’s core competency.

Having successfully served pool of candidates for 20 years, our clients often praise the recruitment team for their uncanny ability to secure the best talent available in the market

BravoTECH focuses on quality over quantity. The Company follows a rigorous protocol for finding, screening and selecting well qualified candidates. By understanding the clients’ industry, goals, challenges, strength, weakness, and culture, BravoTECH ensures that it finds the right candidate for the job. Even after placing the candidate, it takes care of the issues arising from both ends. In sourcing direct employees, the company seeks perfect match and makes sure that both parties are satisfied. For the contract positions, BravoTech provides health insurance, a 401K plan, and PTO.
Valerie Freeman, CEO
The Company maintains a vast professional network, gets involved in professional organizations and uses social media to track and recruit right candidates. Every candidate is evaluated and screened electronically as well as by an experienced recruiter. Valerie Freeman, CEO, says, “Having successfully served pool of candidates for 20 years, our clients often praise the recruitment team for their uncanny ability to secure the best talent available in the market.”
The Company’s recruiters are experienced in sourcing specific as well as in-demand IT skill-sets. They understand the job specifications and requirements well. Additionally, the Company updates its clients about the salaries trends, benefits, rewards, regulations, on boarding process and co-employment risks. BravoTECH supports its clients with MSP processes to help them manage their staffing providers. The company’s unique ATS and VMS technology facilitates recruitment by reducing cost and time. Besides, they also provide career counseling services, prepare resumes and train job seekers as well as employed contractors on interview skills. Currently it employs 320 skilled resources, and serves mid-sized as well as large-sized companies
BravoTECH educates its clients via hosted webinars and lunch-and-learns. As an active member of the professional IT associations, it makes sure to stay abreast with the latest in technology. In the coming years, the company plans to increase its headcount, expand geographically, enhance career development and research focus and add new service offerings. With its commitment towards clients, candidates, contractors, and the community at large, BravoTECH remains a name to be reckoned within the staffing industry.
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Valerie Freeman, CEO

Based in Dallas, the company solely provides IT staffing services to its clients.

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