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Newton Talent: Placing Talent Right where it Belongs

Patty Silbert, President
As the world economy and the markets are flaring up, the Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) business is also picking up on the heat. While a swarming community of skilled talent is out on the market to find the right designation under their name, there still exists an insatiable void of an ever-expanding talent pool. Finding the right talent for an organization is equally challenging as finding the right organization for a candidate; a multi-faceted complexity often overlooked by a multitude of RPO companies. Amidst this arms race for talent, where recruitment strategy, talent acquisition and retention strategies, and culture play a crucial role, Newton Talent stands apart as an outsourced recruitment solutions provider holistically addressing all these factors. The company acts as a brand advocate for its customers, ensuring the appointment of suitable talent and providing resources and technology to train and retain the talent. In addition to building an employer’s brand to attract the best talent in the industry, the company also ensures whether an organization would be the right fit for a candidate in terms of culture and opportunities, thus efficiently balancing the employer-candidate dynamics in the process.

Formerly, a service offering under Aspirant, one of the companies under the Newton Family of Companies, Newton Talent was established as its own entity in 2015, and today is deemed as a reliable RPO partner by various organizations where the company has excelled in delivering its hiring expertise and enabled its clients with recruitment strategies, consultative advising, and technological resources. The company strives to add value for its customers by reducing hiring costs, accelerating time-to-hire, and efficiently streamlining their recruitment functions. Patty Silbert, President, Newton Talent says, “We believe in rescaling the recruitment process with time and changing the status quo. With the evolving talent market and professional preferences of the candidates, we see the need for newer techniques and communication strategies to engage with them.”

Our successful relationship with our clients is attributed to the value that we bring across the whole recruitment process, from innovative sourcing strategies to recruiting process improvement

A RPOs relationship with its customer is entirely driven by on-boarding process backed by a complete understanding of the customer’s business and talent vision. Building upon this relationship, Newton Talent studies its customer’s entire business and requirements, uncovering the client’s position in terms of recruitment functionalities, internal processes and hiring manager’s unique requirements concerning the candidate’s profile. The company designs a business-specific recruitment model which mitigates all the intricacies of the entire recruitment process and aligns with client’s business goals. Representing the client, Newton Talent studies the preferences of the candidate through dialogue briefing the candidate about the value proposition and culture of the potential employer. Through these engagements, Newton rundowns both the candidate and the customers about their mutual requisites, making the screening process more accurate and detailed. “Our successful relationship with our clients is attributed to the value that we bring across the whole recruitment process, from innovative sourcing strategies to recruiting process improvement. In addition to that, being agile and quality driven gives us that competitive edge in the ever-dynamic marketplace,” adds Silbert.

As the RPO industry approaches a new light by gaining rapid global adoption, businesses around the world are growing more in alignment to outsource their recruitment functions. Newton Talent also envisions on expanding its horizons with this global RPO trend. The company plans to enhance its talent acquisition techniques by being agile and adaptive with latest developments and market demands. “We want to take a complete responsibility to provide full lifecycle recruiting service with complete resources, enabling internal HR personnel to focus on onboarding, succession planning and building training and development programs to retain talent,” concludes Silbert.

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