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Super Technology Solutions: Professional IT Staffing and Consulting Services

Raj Kumar Singhal, COO
“We understand that good talent is not sitting at home between 8-5 waiting for a recruiter’s call. Knowing they can be best available beyond the regular hours, we developed a mechanism to reach out to them outside of the working hours,” begins Raj Kumar, COO of Super Technology Solutions. The firm is a global provider of Engineering and Informational Technology (IT) professionals that caters to clients in North America, South America, and Europe. The firm specializes in providing Hu-man Capital Management, Talent Acquisition, Training Services, and Business-Technology Solutions and boasts a 90 percent success rate in placing top talent for their clients.

The firm carries out rigorous pre-screening tests with results fed into a unique formula and graded on a scale of one to five. “Only candidates who score 3.5 and above are considered, based on the seniority and skill sets required for a particular job. This helps us provide an edge over normal recruitment companies,” states Kumar.

Online job portals are a huge draw for many job seekers today. Recruiters post jobs daily, “Jobs are often posted by main stream recruiters in a shabby way. If jobs aren’t posted well, how can anyone think these recruiters will be able to represent them well?” states Kumar. Though you would be mistaken to think this is a problem for SuperTSI. This is how they approach it when drawing in the best talent, “many people go onto an online portal and land themselves into something B or C grade, whereas they deserve an A grade. That’s what we’re able to tell and sell to them.”

Empowering clients to focus on core business while we hire qualified resources for their IT staffing needs

He goes on to say, “Most consultants may be good at technology, but they’re not necessarily good at writing good resumes. SuperTSI understands that many great consultants have poorly written resumes while on the other hand every great resume doesn’t necessarily mean consultant is also good. They need an SME to work for them, and that’s when our experts come into the picture with our value proposition – when they work with us we find them a better fitting; and a better paying job at a better place.”

A growing trend in the industry is for people to back out of jobs they have agreed on. “They accept the offer and then don’t take up the job, which wastes everyone’s time,” informs Kumar. SuperTSI works hard to find out real motivation from the candidates, especially when it comes to relocating. “We really dig deep to make sure the candidate isn’t just applying blindly for any and every jobs in any locations, only to become a no-show,” adds Kumar.

SuperTSI are extremely lean– one that truly understands the complexities of recruiting business. “We have talented employees who wear multiple hats that enables us keep our overheads low and pass on the savings to our clients and job seekers by offer competitive pricing to both. Our clients get the best pool of talent at the most reasonable rates, which means they keep coming back to us.”With a continued focus on quality over quantity and with a solid reputation for exceeding clients’ expectations, the future certainly looks bright for SuperTSI.
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Raj Kumar Singhal, COO

Specializes in providing Professional Staffing and Consulting Services

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