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Top 10 Most Recommended Staffing Service Providers 2017

HMG America: Dynamic Talent Acquisition Solutions & Managed Services

HMG America works on an inherent understanding that a company is only as strong as its talent, which is why this New Jersey-based IT staffing firm focuses on delivering only the best talent to their clients. Having worked with a multitude of companies to connect sought-after talent with employers who can benefit from the value they bring, HMG America has remained a front-runner in the talent acquisition & IT services industry since 2007. The company has seen steady growth since its establishment, even having successfully weathered the recession. The secret to that success lies in the company’s ability to pair industry-specific knowledge with robust technical expertise.

HMG America provides IT services which include talent acquisition and managed services, where the focus is on the delivery of distinctive solutions paired with cost-effectiveness and dependability. The company also offers software development services wherein it ensures the clients with immediate access to the specialized technical skills and resources needed to complete a project effectively and efficiently.

The core of the firm’s business, however, is talent acquisition. HMG partners with clients to reach out to the best people, who are capable to serve as value-creating assets. Strengthened with the experience of working with Fortune 500 companies, HMG matches the right personnel with the right company seamlessly, to foster innovation and mutual success.

Over the years, the company has served numerous sectors including banking, research and devel-opment, and infrastructure. HMG’s innovation department keeps track of all emerging trends and technologies to keep up with changing market. The company works on a simple ideology that is to find right resource for client at right time. We make sure that candidate not only meet technical skills but also has best soft skills to contribute most efficiently to the project and workplace. This is emphasized through our very strong recruiting engine developed through years of industry experience.

“Every client is unique, it’s not just one process,” says Manish Mehra, President, HMG America. “We design a custom staffing solution for them. They don’t need any other staffing solution if they’re working with us,” he further adds.

HMG believes in strategic partnership and always look for opportunities to invest in our client’s success

HMG is fully equipped to provide end-to-end staffing and IT solutions that include near shore, offshore, and onsite arrangements. One element that differentiates the company from others in the industry is its dedication towards maintaining a robust talent pool and an active & extensive recruiting engine. Mr. Mehra points out that along with being process-oriented and working towards continuously improving the staffing and hiring processes, they have a recruiting engine that integrates manpower and advanced tools for the best results.

HMG not only maintains a large pool of active jobseekers but also passive candidates for the best possible talent sourcing. This is all streamlined through the use of leading-edge applicant tracking system, in-house database and in-house development team which helps in automating processes reducing turnaround time of the recruiter. HMG believes in strategic partnership with clients and establish long-term relationship that allows to understand not just what the clients need on the surface or presently, but what is going to help them develop a competitive edge and serve their needs in future. Mr. Mehra says that our process oriented recruiting engine lowers the risk of blackouts and no show which is a big challenge for recruiting industry.

“We’re forward-thinking. Our clients and employees feel secure and confident working with us and delivering results beyond the contract is part of our culture” says Mr. Mehra. Additionally, HMG offers affiliate marketing services and strategies to clients who want to grow their online business on the right platforms, with an eye towards optimizing return on investment.

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